Those of us who are sports fans are all too familiar with the exciting live events can bring. And it evidently can show it too. Just take a look at major sporting events we have around the world!

The FIFA World Cup, the Premier League, NBA, Super Bowl and so on. Why not turn up the stakes by placing actual stakes on your favourite teams, or at least those you think to have a high chance of winning. And if they do win, you can celebrate alongside them with a pocket of extra cash! And if they lose, you can share that feeling of loss with them too!

Oh did we mention? We also got E-Sports too! So for any of you fans of League or CS: GO tournaments, you are in luck!

Sports gambling has been around for as long as the sport has existed, most likely. But before the internet, people had to go to venues to place their bets, and some of these venues tend to be quite pricey or far away. And because some areas do not cater to all sports, people were limited to the sports events they can bet on in official venues.

But ever since the dawn of online casino in Malaysia, those problems with accessibility soon faded. Now we can place bets anywhere at any time. So long as there is an internet connection of course.

What sports do we offer? Well, plenty! You will surely find something here that you will enjoy and place bets on.


Or soccer for any of you who use the American term. This sport is one of the most-watched and played in the world. Just take a look at how the world all heads to their television sets during the FIFA World Cup! And how every country participating in it has loyal fans from both their home company and other countries too! Overall, Football is an exciting sport to view, so why not make it even more exciting by placing a little wager or two, so that the wins feel all the sweeter.


Basketball has seen some fame here too and is quite popular among people in Asia, despite being an American sport. The most famous and largest basketball league would be the NBA in the United States, with famous teams such as the LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics and so on. In the US, you can bet that fans of basketball place bets on the team that is most likely to win, or teams that they favour. This can be done either through physical venues or, as you know, online. So why not join our friends in the states and place bets on their teams and share the excitement they have too!


Penny can consider Tennis as a bourgeois or rich people sport. But the fact of the matter is, tennis events can also bring it loads of cash. So again, why not celebrated along with the victorious player you bet on with you new winnings from the match!

Table Tennis

Another Asian favourite, also known as Ping Pong, this game is quite commonly played among various people in the country. Whether you are a high school student or an elderly person, table tennis is just one of those sports in which anyone can pick up. And it is one of those sports that people say they are not interested in, but when they have a go and make a win, they become all giddy. But let’s add to that sense of happiness and risk by placing wagers! Yes, even on Table Tennis games, our casino lets you place some stakes on which player may win. Adding more fun to it all if you ask us.


Another game that we in Malaysia are all too familiar with. Some people see Badminton as a relaxing sport, a “rich man’s” sport. But we know well how competitive two players can get when the moment the shuttlecock leaves our hands and gets hit by the racket, only for it to go back and forth till one mess up. Although the sport originated from good ol’ Britain, badminton has seen massive popularity in Malaysia, Malaysia and other South-East Asian countries. So, with that in mind, we have made it one of the sports that our customers and clients can gamble on. Because what better way to make things more exciting than to place a wager on it. Never has Badminton been so nail-bitingly intense once you have money involved!


Some see golf as a boring sport, we see it as an opportunity to make some cash with bets! So why not spice up the golf match with a little wager or two. In this sport, players go head to head to see who can get the ball in the hole with the least amount of skills, although it may look like a boring sport in which it is only played by retirees and old rich people, the game of gold does require some amount of skill to be the winner in.


Also known as ‘Pool’, this game is a favourite among bars and clubs. Similar to golf, it is a game to see whether you can get the ball in the hole. Only this time, it is several balls and several holes. And not played on a gigantic field, but instead, on a snooker table. Players select what type of ball they want to get in, be it stripes or plain, and the goal is to get all their balls into the holes, if the person manages to get their selected balls in the hole, they can keep going until they miss. Now we won’t elaborate too much on this fun game, but what we can tell you is that you can gamble on it too! Snooker, BlackJack and Poker are just one of those typical games you can see being played in pubs, so why not take that experience online?


This is an English, Australian, South African and New Zealand favourite! But we also have a few fans here in Malaysia. Rugby is known as though sport, similar to American football, only this time, there is known protective equipment, as this is a sport for the brave. Fans of rugby will tell you how awesome it is, and you can nod in agreement as you place bets on the teams that look like they are about to win!


We also have a range of online-based sporting events that you can place bets on too. These days, even video games can be sports, so why not include them all when you place a wager, so long as there is a winning opportunity, you can bet your bottom dollar that we will be sure to include it. You could also count some card games as an E-Sport, and luckily for you, we got plenty of them in our online live casino.