The first thing that flashes in our mind when we think about casinos is the slot machine. What are casinos without slot machines? They have become a staple game in any casino. Winning money is not a big deal with slot machines as you have to spin the slot games until a specific combination of symbols in a single line appears and, yes, you can start filling in your pocket with all the money. Easy, isn’t it?

On the other hand, luck is also a deciding factor in how much you could win at the end of the day. Online slots in Malaysia can be played anywhere and anytime by just a click on your mobile phone or desktop. No more waiting in line for your turn at the slot machines, as you now have access to them anywhere so long as there is an internet connection.

Different names of slot machines across the world

A slang that is widely used in Australia for all types of slot machines, both online slots and physical slots. Besides “pokies”, “poker machines” also used to refer to slot machines.

Fruit Machines
Consisting of only fruit symbols, “fruit machines” are used by those from Great Britain in referring to the physical slot machines in pubs, clubs, bars and arcades.

Pachisuro is a Japanese slot machine which is a descendant of the traditional Japanese pachinko game.

One-Armed Bandits
A term that was used for the first physical slot machines. The slot machine had an arm on the side where you will be required to pull it to spin the reels.

Video Slots
These slot machines use graphical reels that come in different types of games instead of the mechanical reels.

The Invention Of The Slot Machine

Since now you already have a little idea on what slot machines are, now let’s travel back to late 1800 where slot machines were invented. A fellow by the name of Charles Fey from San Francisco, California is the man behind the slot machines, you spend hours and hours spinning the reels. He constructed a much simpler automatic mechanism that consisted of three spinning reels containing a total of five symbols: horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts, and a Liberty Bell. Over the years, the machine had some changes and touch-ups, along with other companies making copies of Charles’s original idea. Soon enough, slots have become an essential part of any casino in the world, online and offline.

Best Slot Game Providers

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Types Of Online Slot Games

Here at G9WIN, there are all types of games slots that you can play easily with.

Have you ever heard about video poker? Video poker is a game based on five-card draw poker. It is often played on a computerised console which is a device that is specifically made for video games that are similar in size to a slot machine.

Besides, you can find the most popular type of online slot games here which is video slots. Don’t miss the opportunity to get fascinated by the stunningly beautiful graphics and animations when you play video slots. It’s the time to admire the creativity of video slots as most of them have a short film that portrays the theme in the beginning. You will be spoilt for choices as there are many to choose from such as Great Blue, Silver Bullet and a lot more.

Wait, there’s still a long way to go as we have more to offer. Next on our list is the classic slots. Classic slots can be defined as online slot games that are designed to imitate the look of physical or mechanical slots. It is to give you the feels as if you are playing the mechanical slots.

We also have a unique kind of online slots game which is fishing and hunting. If you are into the thrill of getting into a new and upcoming game, it is perfect for you. Like smartphone games, its objective is to gain treasures from the sea creatures in the games and the harder the opponent is, the bigger the payout.

Next, we also have a regular cards game if you are looking for a laid back environment to be in. Ranging from BlackJack, Baccarat and Joker’s Wild and many others, you certainly don’t want to miss out on its fun. In the 25 lines category, we have The Slotfather: Part II whereby it is a five-reel machine that uses a mafia theme. With its advanced and sharper artistic style, you get to explore the world in more detail, totally a perfect getaway for you if you are looking for something to solve your boredom.

We have a variety of popular games, such as The Great Blue, Funky Monkey, Golden Tour and many more. If you aren’t feeling too sure about it yet, you can have a free trial on these games to kind of get the hang of things. Once you have built up your confidence, or feel like your luck is coming on to you, then why not start wagering in some cash? Who knows? Maybe your next spin might be the one to change it all. Only one way to find out though, so log in and have a go at some slot games!

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